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Web Singapore Service

We Help Our Clients Achieve Their Goals

Many website development firms focus on one goal – generating income. They focus on impressing the client with eye candy and buzz words. They often forget the most important reason the client engaged them in the first place – achieving a specific goal. A website should be beautiful, but it needs to accomplish your goals.

At Backtobasics, we begin with the client’s objectives. We take the time to understand your company and your goals. Then we develop and execute a plan to achieve those goals. We see ourselves as your business partner. Your goals are our goals.

Modern Web Design

Crisp and light web designs for today’s Internet. Good web development is a combination of aesthetics, simple navigation and making the information readily available to your visitors.

Mobile Friendly

Today more than half of your visitors are using a mobile device to access your website. Google also ranks mobile friendly websites better than others. It is therefore more important than ever that you look good on phones and tablets.

SEO & Marketing

We have a proven track record when it comes to SEO and we have helped numerous clients rank high in the search engines. Better ranking means more sales and revenue.

Logos & Branding

Need a new or improved image? No worries, we can take care of everything from logos to complete branding and profiling of your company to ensure that you look modern and professional.

Site management (CMS)

Keeping your website fresh! managing and updating your site is easy these days with many heavy to medium weight CMS options out there. By choosing a custom developed option your site will be 100% optimised for speed and efficiency.

Creative website design

We build websites with a great focus on design, usability and accessibility to assure your business and products are seen when and where they should be. After all it is your business we’re talking about and If it works for you then it works for us!

Graphic Design

Without question, a logo is one of the things that people associate with your brand. It doesn’t matter where you put it, be it on your website, a business card, or a flyer, once people see an image, they link it to you. A logo that is well designed doesn’t need the accompaniment of words to determine that it represents your brand. And that is what we here at Webstergy strive to accomplish. We want to create an identity for your company that is strictly associated with you.