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Is Your Website Ready for Google “Mobilegeddon”?

We already know that most of us cannot live without our smartphones or any other mobile device. Build smartphone reponsive website , Web Design Company In Singapore also provide this service.Actually, not only our lives revolve around these devices, but the way technology evolves is revolving around us. The simple mobile phone, used at first entirely for conversations, ended up being our camera, agenda, web browser, practically a miniature computer. We don’t even bother opening up our PCs or laptops when we need to search something. We just do it on our phones. And you know very well what I am talking about.

For SEO enthusiasts, Google ranking algorithms are known to be extremely tricky. Also, they are famous for changing all the times the conditions for ranking an individual web page. So, for Web Design Company In Singapore, it is a constant struggle to fight against the mainstream and keep web pages up in the first places. But starting with this month, Google is planning another huge strike, by changing the ranking algorithms in a way nobody thought. Your first search results will be web pages that are mobile friendly. Yes, Google is showing its preference towards the websites that were created to suit mobile phone users. These pages are easier to access from a smartphone because they focus on bigger texts, the navigation is cleaner and quicker, and the size will automatically adjust to any screen width.

Links to your site

We explain to you which websites or blogs provide a link to your website known as SEO, which pages on your website with the most links as well as the anchor text on other websites that link your website. Most of the Web Design Company Singapore can help you about this . You can monitor your link growth in Google Webmaster Tools.

Link has a profound impact on your website’s ranking in search results. Getting more trusted site to link to you is a good way to improve your position in search results. You can find out the links from poor quality sites to maintain your link quality.


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Internal Links

This page lists a sample of your web pages that consist of incoming links from the other internal pages.Visit Web Design Company In Singapore for more asist about this. From Google point of view, the more the internal links pointing to a page, the more important that page is.

If your important page does not appear in the list, the problem might lie with the internal link structure of that page. So, if you want your important page like contact page to rank high, make sure you build more internal links to it.


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Digital Done Right

 We know every business is unique so we take time to understand your goals and develop a strategy so you can accomplish your marketing objectives.
Planning & Digital Strategy
  • Identify your product and service
  • Define your brand (fun, formal, adventurous etc.)
  • Establish business goals (brand recognition, increase sales etc.)
Research & Analysis
  • Market analysis and target audience
  • Identify new trends and opportunities
  • Existing competitor analysis
Execution & Content Delivery
  • Define appropriate channels (SMM, Google AdWords, Affiliate channels)
  • Content strategy (based on brand and demographics)
  • Content placement in appropriate channels